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Hi there! I'm Allie, the artist and designer behind Whiskers & Whimsy. I have

a background in veterinary medicine and graphic design, and this brand is the love child between those two interests. I started my business baking homemade dog treats and cakes under the name Alpine Canines shortly after my husband, dog and I moved to Colorado in 2015. The first Christmas we were in business, I wanted to sell something "Christmas-y" so I created some felt dog ornaments and they sold like crazy! I made the transition to Etsy the following year, and stopped making treats in favor of selling these ornaments. In 2018, I changed the name and branding to Whiskers and Whimsy because

I wanted to make more products that celebrate the relationship between all kinds of pets and their people. 

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The W&W Team

Allie: The Brains

The schemer, dreamer, sky's-the-limit, big idea (sometimes too big) artist. Animal lover with a background as Vet Tech and Graphic Designer. Loves hiking, reading and cooking!

Zach: The Brawn

The grounding force, heavy lifter, dirty job doer. Background in finance and data, but also animal obsessed who has recently learned how to sew. Loves music, all things nerdy, and of course Allie and Beans! 

Beans: The Inspiration

Adorable, hilarious, and a bit attention desperate. Background as a store greeter at a pet food shop, and former rescue dog from Kentucky. Loves food of all kinds, hikes, and his momma! 

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